Bringing Light into the Dark World of Orphans


There are 153 million orphans worldwide and 400,000 in the U.S. Foster Care System. Only a fraction of these are being adopted, leaving a staggering number of children who are living in their greatest fear - separation from their families.


Missionaries who work on the front lines say they see little life change among these children and teens. Curriclum written for children in American churches is only scratching the surface of the deep needs of an abandoned, neglected and abused child. As there is an awakening of the church to care for these children, there remains a huge demand for tools that churches and mission organizations can use to disciple them.

The Solution of God’s Word

The Solution of God’s Word Animation provides a discipleship tool like no other. We have seen firsthand overseas that children and teens are captivated by animation and will watch it repeatedly, hanging on every word. In our ORBIE curriculum, we take the top 12 struggles of these children and teach them who God is in the midst of each one. By combining the power of God’s Word with animation, there is a tremendous potential for kingdom impact among millions of hurting children who get left behind.

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Orbie for Orphans seeks to push back the darkness in the lives of children without families. To find out the How and Why of what we do, check out the video on the left. Thank you for stopping in!


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